Track Record (representative)


In energy

JJR has been an active player in energy since 1997.  This has included memberships in all Eastern Interconnect pools, regulatory, legal and operational depth.

In solar

Financing solar assets since 2009. Owning assets since 2014.

In funding assets and development

Since 2006, JJR has financed and/or originated over thirty solar projects across the US. At any given time, JJR has three to five mandates in some form of development.

In managing funds

Project managed and/or built, via FPD Power (union construction recapitalized), over 500 MW of gas-fired turbines, initiated three funds: Northern/AES Energy (1997-99), an $11 million power marketer; MHP Partners, an active trader in MISO (and member of PJM, ISO-NE and NYISO); CAP Solar, an $11 million partnership with Goldman Sachs operating 2,200 kW/35 operating projects in New Jersey. 

In construction

Electric construction on over 500 MW of gas-fired plants, over thirty solar projects (20 MW), multiple EPC relationships. CEO (of portfolio company FPD Power) in Minnesota, serving utility power companies, such as Xcel and GRE.