Seeking to Acquire Operating Assets

Building Secondary Solar Markets

Secondary Market Bid Sheets

State Markets

         Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont

We are interested in acquiring operating projects in these states.  Size preference between 50 kW to 5,000 kW.  Please call to discuss specifics. 

The World - Infrastructure Assets in Transition


On the left... capital seeking yield

Banks, insurance companies, pensions, hi-net worth investors

On the right... projects seeking to sell (in various markets)

All projects "post-recapture" seeking to monetize their long-term contracts.

In the middle... intermediation (JJR)

JJR provides pricing information, liquidity, asset management and other services to each sector.

All the sectors get "optimized"

Buyers and sellers get better prices,  assets operate more efficiently. 

We are seeking development opportunities

Mid-Size - Preferably 250 kW and above


Larger Assets and Portfolios

5 MW and above, seeking complete financing and tax equity.

Display real testimonials

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.


Multitude of choices determines effective  and timely rollout of build mandate. 

Administration, Roll-out

We have over a decade of direct experience in solar construction and development, across the US. 

Advisory and Assessment

Critical and viability assessment services. 

We are seeking operating solar assets


Between 100 kW and 5,000 kW




Submit historical performance, contracts.  We bid.


YES - we compensate on closed deals.


Consistent projects at least (or near) five years old. Well - run assets with stable offtaker PPAs. 


We can advise you on the assets, please call.

Acquisition Criteria


We wish to acquire projects or portfolios, whether operating (or in development).

 Projects of Interest:

  • Single projects or portfolios from 100 kW to 20 MW
  • Solar PV, fixed-tilt or with trackers, with or without storage
  • Ground-mount, rooftop, carport
  • Community solar
  • Creditworthy offtaker(s)
  • US-domiciled

Services for Sellers


We are seeking to acquire operating solar assets.

There are important considerations in the ownership of solar, and in considering a sale.  These include: 


What is my asset worth?  We can provide you with a range of values, expressed in dollars per Watt. Call anytime or email.  With some cursory data from you, we can give you a range of value.


We can help you understand your performance, the solar resource, and other relevant data. 

Optimize your Asset

Older assets can frequently be repowered to improve long-term returns.  We can analyze your system in the context of new terchnologies, to ascertain if an investment in new  equipment can be accretive to your returns.

Contract Analysis

We can provide an independent, objective review of your contracts, to help you make decisions and select options for the future. 

Operations & Maintenance

We can assess your current contracts for costs, efficacy and contractor performance, to provide you with better information and better returns. 

Services for investors


Portfolio Accounts

We operate assets today, and have since 2014.  We can provide investors with partnership funds allowing investors to have a portfolio of operating assets under varying, investor-driven, investment criteria

Sole Partnership

We can turn our origination capabilities to complete specific investor mandates, and administer and operate the assets on behalf of the investor. 

Pass-Through Acquisitions

We can originate assets and sell then straight through to the investor.  We do not manage post-sale. 

Asset Origination

We have nationwide relationships in all solar markets, and can originate accordingly. 

Asset Re-marketing

Acquired portfolios can be "rolled-up" into larger packages, and sold through to pension funds, insurances companies, banks and others.  Can be an attractive  return and exit for portfolio owners. 

How do I sell My Assets?

We Use Blockchain/Proof-of-Work

After you complete the required submissions, we will bid you a firm price, expressed in $/W.

Rerequest an Account

This is the tracking number for your data submissions and all activity with JJR. 

Submit Relevant Documents

PPA, REC contracts, sites leases, performance data.

Provide O&M, Insurance and Warranty materials/contacts

Proof-of-Work requires a complete set.

Any other information that might be important

Performance issues, casualty claims, warranty claims, etc. 

Proof-of-Work Done?

We will bid, or not, within 24 hours. Payments are by wire transfer.



Each quadrant lives inherently with the other.

Our experience in energy markets, assets and financing over the past 23 years have given us relationships, insights and humility.  

Experience, Resources

Thirty Years of Experience


25 years of experience in power markets across the US

Nat gas, solar, MISO, PJM, finance, construction and develoment


Funding energy asset deals since 1995.

Power marketing, MAPP, MISO, PJM

Portfolio development, solar, USA-wide

Current Resources

Assembling $50 million acquisition fund with institutional investors for secondary market acquisitions


What about the solar secondary markets?

Projects at least five years old

Significant Contractual Value

15-25 years remaining on life-of-project and contracts

Opportunity to monetize the contracts

Cash bid, quick close

JJR Power

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(952) 715-3082